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During the last years we had the chance to design and create a variety of great projects.
We are proud to assemble an impressive award collection.
Many of these have been widely published around the world.
Discover our studio’s philosophy, get to know us,
read about our concepts and let’s meet to turn an idea into reality.

"A pink powder sprinkled
pastry shop
serving sweets
made in heaven"
Project Name

New York Sweets pastry shop

Nicosia, Cyprus
120 m²
February 2017
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1st Prize Best of the Year Awards U.S. magazine Interior Design – [New York, USA]
Category Casual dining
Projects Farma and Fabrica Kreaton
1st Prize 10th Modern Decoration International Media Award [Shenzhen, China]
Category Bar-Restaurant
Project Fabrica Kreaton
Shortlisted FX Interiors Design Award [London, UK]
Category Bar or Restaurant
Project Fabrica Kreaton


1st Prize 11th Modern Decoration International Media Award [Shenzhen, China]
Category Bar-Restaurant
Project O-13
Shortlisted 4th Idea-Tops International Space Design [Shenzhen, China]
Category Dining Space
Project O-13


1st Prize 12th Modern Decoration International Media Award [Shenzhen, China]
Category Bar-Restaurant
Project Away


1st prize 14th Modern Decoration International Media Awards [Shenzhen, China]
Category Annual Restaurant Space Award
Project The Fish Market
1st prize 14th Modern Decoration International Media Awards [Shenzhen, China]
Category Annual Show flat Award
Project Show flat “Origins”
Shortlisted Best of the Year Awards U.S. magazine Interior Design [New York, USA]
Category Residence (Apartment – Large)
Project Show flat “Origins”
Shortlisted Idea-Tops International Space Design Awards [Shenzhen, China]
Category Best Show Flat Design
Project Show flat “Origins
Shortlisted FX International Interior Design Awards [London, U.K.]
Category Bar or Restaurant
Project Pier One
Silver Award Tourism Awards 2016 [Athens, Greece]
Category Architecture project for the tourism industry
Project D-Point space at the “Hotelia – International Hotel Equipment Exhibition 2015”


APARTMENTS edition 2017 ,
When the magazine that respects its cover

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The studio undertakes architecture and interior design projects both residential and commercial all over Greece and abroad. During the last years the studio has created a broad and diversified portfolio in the fields of private housing, hospitality, retail, and more importantly in the sector of food and beverage. Using the abstraction, the neatness of lines, the clarity, the transparency, the symmetry, the flow, the balance of volumes, the elements of nature and the light as our tools, we find inspiration in order to create unique projects, which combine functionality as well as superior aesthetics and originality.

In our studio, every team member is always giving their best trying above all to fulfill the client’s expectations and also stretch our own limits as architects to the maximum and move at least one step forward each time. When we are asked to describe our studio’s philosophy in a single phrase, we think of Charles Eames’ quote: “The details are not the details. They make the design”. We strongly believe that not only the general concept and its implementation but also the details (the soft design) of our projects are a fundamental element for the success and originality of the outcome. After all, the emphasis on the details, not only during the construction stage but more importantly during the concept development process provides added value to any project. As a general rule for us each new project must be treated separately, as a new exercise, as a problem to be solved, or as a game we have to play not necessarily having victory in mind but more importantly trying enjoy the process and trying to improve every time.

The details are not the details. They make the design. Charles Eames
To be an architect or to be a director
Life is a melody of images
Party hard. Work harder!
I have a suitcase full of dreams
Hard slopes are always more fun

We went to Milan to “look at usual things with unusual eyes”
Vico Magistretti

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We went to Milan to “look at usual things with unusual eyes”
Vico Magistretti

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