Konstantina Tsirogianni

Design is a real door into a parallel universe

Entering the world of design started in 2010, when I enrolled at the University of Central Lancashire in Thessaloniki, in order to study Interior Design. In 2013, and after obtaining an honors degree, I opened the next door by moving to Scotland for my postgraduate degree at the Glasgow School of Art, where I explored the potentials of perception and vision in space and how to create engaging temporary experiences.
After obtaining my postgraduate diploma in Interior design with distinction, I decided to stay in Glasgow and for the next couple of years I worked in two renowned creative studios, where I gained invaluable experience in hospitality and residential design.
In 2017 my aspirations led me to open another door into a new universe, by joining the studio Minas Kosmidis [Architecture in Concept]. At the same time, my passion along with my curiosity motivated me to explore a new design field by continuing my studies in Graphic Design at the Hellenic Open University, where I enrolled in 2018 pursuing a master’s degree.
As a designer, I am interested in creating unique spatial experiences rather than “beautiful” sceneries. I believe that spaces should provoke their users by introducing them to an alternative but intimate universe where perception, memory and imagination balance through constant interaction. My design theory lies between the constant experimentation with concrete, functional facts and the exploration of new concepts – between reality and fantasy.