Project Name


Komotini, Greece
150 m² (indoor)
70 m² (outdoor)
October 2013
Komotini, Greece | October 2013

“Away” cafe bar is in the small town of Komotini in northeast Greece.

The fact that city of Komotini is almost isolated from the major urban areas, without airport, no harbor , alone at the center of the prefecture of Rodopi, built on an area below the level of the nearest sea , almost unnoticed when you cross it by the road, is the main inspiration for this Café-Bar.

Escape, from the routine of the small provincial town, trips to different places, world politicians, distant places, full of tension and mystery, and anything else one may imagine.
Escape far, far “Away” with every mean that can be used.

The bellboy with his luggage trolley, and a bright sign ‘Away, get Away”, is waiting for the visitor, right in front of the main entrance, for the check in…

In the core of “Away” there is planet earth, whose hemispheres are detached from one another and along with a starry vault they turn into pendant lights, all surrounded by metal rings that represent railways or highways with their means of transportation having an upside down flow. Underneath them multi-level prismatic volumes, imitating the very core of earth, and natural stone’s undefinable form, both solid and outlined, combine together to serve as a common table.

Apart from the core of ‘’Away’’, each one the rest of its sides represents a special fantasy, and they all have in common the sense of getting away…

The ship voyage “experience” representing the bar, with containers and chimneys, and every sailor’s dream tattooed on their upper arm found painted on the wall. The sea color painted, fully exposed mechanical elements on the ceiling, along with the Renaissance shaped dolphins jumping out of this surréal scenery, they all make one feel like being already in the middle of Atlantic.

A typical container, forgotten at the port is transformed into a common table point with baroque and pop art references.

Just around the corner, one may experience a PANAM lounge spot, in some exotic destination’s small airport, with the view (right across) of a windsurfing board right under a label spelling ‘HOT’, (which is the remains of an old, half erased label ‘HOTEL’) all bringing that very destination’s breeze.

A second common table, in front of a library full of travel guides, books and souvenirs, with a suspended Carte Postale stand, turning into a light right above it, inspires the visitor to schedule their next trip!

New York City could not escape from the scenery, with a typical directive street column standing out in the very core of the area.

Some motivational quotes are found with a graphic approach, on a bare concrete wall, which are also visible from the outside.

The journey still goes on, when the user pays a visit at the underground level, when the wc is found.

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