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Xanthi, Greece
120 m²
December 2016
Xanthi, Greece | December 2016

"Baiser", that means "kiss" in French, is a café – bar located in the city of Xanthi in northern Greece. The café – bar was initially opened in 2007 when the studio of Minas Kosmidis [Architecture in Concept] designed it for the first time. After 10 years of ceaseless operation and success, in 2016, the owner decided to trust the same studio again for the necessary remodeling. As a floorplan layout the space has been organized, placing all services (scullery - small kitchen and toilets) at the back of the store, leaving this way all the rest of the floorplan free for the bar and the formation of seating. The owner wanted to make the remodeled space work more like a chic night bar than a cafeteria, so the architects decided to design large, centrically positioned high tables – stands with comfortable upholstered stools, instead of ordinary tables and chairs. This way it has been made possible to accommodate a lot of standing people when the bar would be full, allowing them to have a stand where to place their drinks and at the same time maximizing the capacity.

Regarding the materials and the general atmosphere of the place, the architects had set the objective of creating a luxurious chic and retro café – night bar in a warm - cozy environment. Walnut wood has been used for the floor and some of the wall coverings, making a very warm base material, allowing the rest of colors/finishes to emerge. The lower part of the walls gets covered by a brass metallic grid of white marble and walnut wood surfaces. The same grid covers the bar making its volume disappear in space. In the corner of the bar counters, the upper parts of the walls are covered, either by long and thin vertical slabs of walnut wood, making the wall look higher or large slabs of white marble, which function as a bright neutral background for the colorful selection of liquor bottles. On the opposite side of the bar, a petrol blue embossed wallpaper brings contrast and character to the overall atmosphere and also serves as an ideal background for the selves which have been decorated by retro glass decanters and other vintage elements. Another essential material of the space composition is brass metal, which has been used for several applications such as the construction of some of the pendant lights, the covering of the dj booth and the legs of the tables. Furthermore, a group of vertical panels made of brass frames with curved edges and filled by marble, wallpaper or mirror; separate the toilet entrance from the rest of the space.

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