Project Name

Room 18

June 2016
Room 18
Greece | June 2016

Considering the fact that a typical hotel room is actually the user’s temporary living space, the conceptual principle was to design the future hotel room based on that.

This concept was achieved by dividing the room’s functions in three distinct zones, labeled as the hygiene zone, sleep zone and active zone. The design principle was to divide the plan view in a 60x60 grid, and the use’s zones are clearly defined.The sleep area represents the core of the room’s plan view, as a coherence to the central yard in every typical ancient Greek residence or to the ‘sikos’( the inner, sacred isolated room) of an ancient Greek temple.The surrounding moving flow, was designed to allow easy access in every zone of the room. The rectangular, three dimensional, steel frame grid develops around the room, and composes filled and empty volumes, while in the same time encloses, divides and analyses some extra functions and fittings of the room.

One of our primary design needs was to capture the Greek spirit, under a nostalgic/romantic mood, which was eventually achieved by the combination and embodiment of many elements and textures, which refer to the Greek architecture style during the most influential and flourishing period of tourism in Greece, which were the decades of 50s and 60s and not only.

One will notice and feel the Greek spirit through the cement perforated (also known as claustra) bathroom divider, the fabrics and colors like the representative blue of the Aegean Sea, the featured red color of Knossos and the typical GNTO’s (Greek National Tourism Organisation) vintage advertisment banners’ colors adapted in fabrics and textures all over the room.

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